How Much Does the Typical CV Joint Replacement Cost?

How Much Does the Typical CV Joint Replacement Cost?

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Interested in CV joint replacement cost information? Most small cars today use a front wheel drive configuration. Larger trucks and vans still mostly rely on the rear wheel drive systems made feasible by their higher clearance, while smaller cars take advantage of the higher traction and stability (and lower manufacturing costs) afforded by front wheel drive technology.


CV Joint Replacement Cost Info:


A key component in front wheel drive systems is the constant – velocity joint (CV joint) they use. This integral piece allows the vehicle to deliver power to its wheels at any angle. That way even when the vehicle is turning – or running through a pothole – the wheels can receive a constant supply of power.


Just as with any other part of the vehicle, these CV joints can fail. This failure typically occurs when the protective boot surrounding the inner workings of the CV joint fails. Without the protective boot, mud, dirt, salt and water to enter. The elements of nature wash out the protective grease and leave behind the unprotected metal parts of the CV joints which wear on each other, grinding against each other at hundreds of revolutions per minute.


Damaged CV joints often go unnoticed until they begin clicking. Typically this starts as a slight “clicking” on when cornering sharply, and progresses into a full blown “clacking” sound, which occurs even in normal driving. The danger with a noisy CV joint is that this clicking signals the last stages of failure.


Since CV joints are so closely built into the steering system of the car, the complete failure of a CV joint could be disastrous. If it were to fail all the way when driving, it could easily cause an accident, or damage other components, such as the transmission, rendering the car permanently damaged.


The Typical CV Joint Replacement Cost:


The usual CV joint replacement cost depends slightly on the type of car needing the repair. When replacing CV joints the entire half-axle must be replaced and the car re-aligned.


Generally most shops are going to charge about $500-$700 for the parts and labor to replace one CV joint (half-axle).

The half-axle itself will likely be about $200-$300 of this cost, with the remainder being labor and realignment costs.


Unfortunately, in many cases both CV joints need to be replaced at the same time, doubling these numbers. The benefit of replacing both CV joints at once means that only one realignment needs to be done for the entire repair.


If you suspect that you may be having CV joint damage it would be wise to take it to a reputable shop to get a free estimate as soon as possible. In the mean time, refrain from accelerating too rapidly or over-stressing the CV joints in aggressive cornering. If you’re looking for more than just CV joint replacement cost information you can find other CV joint related posts here including information on how CV joints work.


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